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How to Post Links and Photos



  • AgFuse

    Denise, thanks for your interest in AgFuse! Our developers will look into the issue you described so copying and pasting rich content can be more seamless.

    In the meantime, regular text or URLs can be copied and pasted. For example, I can copy "" and paste that text in a Quick Post. The published post then shows a rich-content preview of the link shared including a photo, the article title, and a brief description. 

    Additionally, the "Publish an article" feature can be used to publish long-form content. If you have any follow-up questions, you are welcome to contact us at Thanks!   

  • Denise Schwab

    We already have a FaceBook page where we post most of our materials and resources, announcements, videos, etc. Is there an easy way to link to that or copy and paste into your system? I've been trying to copy and paste but have had a hard time getting our text, links and videos all to copy over into this. Any tips and tricks would be appreciated so we can get started in your system.  Thanks.



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